• Tom Radford

Bitesize #5 The Jolly Roger

The World's Fastest Food Reviewers are back! The Jolly Roger is a fine English Pub tucked away in the Hillview area of Bukit Batok / Upper Bukit Timah. Stocking a range of great beers and ciders we were lucky enough to arrive during English Beer Week and were treated to two fantastic drops; Green Devil and Proper Job. After dinner a drop of Sheppey's Cider washed it all down very nicely thank you. The food here is a real find with good quality ingredients and a simple menu full of pub favourites. Best of all was the truly international crowd of punters who were real characters. This was a real taste of home and a must for any Englishman abroad feeling a little homesick. Take a trip over to and check out their menu and beers. And remember, if you'd like the Bitesizers to review your restaurant, please drop us a line!

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