• Tom Radford

Best London Restaurants - Stanley's, Chelsea.

What a fantastic lunch we had at Stanleys, I mean apart from the fact the food tased great and the setting is so relaxing the real mindblowing thing was the presentation. Chef Olivia Burt is so much of the reason that this place is always packed. The way she presents the food, with little touches of flowers and mushrooms, not to mention the quirky ideas like cheddar doghnuts, it's just great fun. We had a ball; the sun shone and the wine flowed. Our favourite dish of the day, unusually for us as it's vegetarian, was the burata with English Heritate Tomatoes. They were sweeter than any we've ever tasted and the creamy burrata was the perfect foil. This place a little oasis of calm and class, right in the middle of Chelssea, the perfect spot for one of those lunches where you go for one and end up having five (bottles).

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